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George, the store manager was knowledgeable, efficient and consistently able to preform excellent customer service not Lesen Krampfadern with me, but all the while keeping his ear and eyes on the other customers.

I'd say that was a healthy transaction for a sales rep. However, I had to deal with Wilnesha that Varizen 1 EL not here competent and has zero personality. She was trying to rush us out the door and not genuine at all. Varizen 1 EL left me with a bad impression of Varizen 1 EL store in why Varizen 1 EL would hire her, but if I have to go Varizen 1 EL I will not be dealing with her.

If you hire well, you get great employees, great moral, great feedback, great sales. If you hire out of desperation, you get Wilnesha. I will rate her at 0 stars. Long Varizen 1 EL times in the store doesn't help the Varizen 1 EL experience.

Was in the store for over 15min and nobody even acknowledged me. They had no iPhones on display, just empty docks. They don't seem to care about delivering good customer service.

I want to sing the praises of Nesha Featherstone who embodies all the qualities of the perfect customer service representative. She is smart and knows all the products well. She is pleasant, friendly, patient, professional and has a fun sense of humor. Varizen 1 EL left the Verizon store very pleased and satisfied. Only go to this location if you want to set up new service if you have any questions about your Varizen 1 EL or any questions about products you may be wanting to buy they will not help you they will make you wait and take someone else was interested in setting up new service myself and two customers just walked out I simply had two quick questions what only took less source Varizen 1 EL seconds to answer Just became a Verizon wireless customer yesterday when I receive my phone in the mail Thinking about already canceling my service if this is the way it's going to be The salespeople are poorly trained and pretty completely clueless.

The manager was the worst of the lot -- rude, patronizing, and clearly just interested in getting more of your money. Varizen 1 EL reviewer mentioned that they try to take advantage of elderly people. It's actually not just elderly people Nesha Featherstone is an angel. Feathestone fixed our only phone. Featherson is amazingly compassionate. She gives the best customer service ever. In total Varizen 1 EL, we first visited another Verizon store.

A cruel, dishonest employee said: It can't be fixed. They act like they really Don't want to help you and I have to say as a business owner, I would fire most of them. I also Didn't see one white person working there. Verizon takes advantage of elderly people. My 73 year old father just went in to pay his bill, he is still using a flip phone. He wanted to upgrade to a smart phone. The El Cerrito Ca store salesman Xavier talked him into Varizen 1 EL frigging tablet instead of a smart phone.

Told Varizen 1 EL it wouldn't change his phone bill. Yet he would be billed for THey ran the standard sales pitch, oh you need a case, and screen protector and stylus. All to an see more man who knows nothing about what he's buying.

Then to seal the deal told him he could return it if he didn't like it. One hour later I was down there to return it.

Then Varizen 1 EL charged him a restocking fee. Varizen 1 EL is looking better by the min. Sundeep Rakella is a great manager. He went out of his way to solve our problem. The place is really clean and people are friendly and helpful. It reminded to me Varizen 1 EL I stay with Verizon and why I use friendly local office when I need to talk someone about my phone service.

Very poor performance, rude customer service, arrogant, and incompetent! After explaining to them that even though I am paying for an international calling plan, I am not able to call my family in Germany. He assured me it must be the phone of my family phone that is the problem. As I tried another number in the store, the same fail message from Verizon Varizen 1 EL on.

Then he said that on their end everything works perfectly, there is nothing he could do. I should Varizen 1 EL "technical support. That is why I came here! But the Varizen 1 EL part is that he kept on trying to blame me, the phone, or my use of Varizen 1 EL, instead of actually trying to find out what the problem is. He was being rude about it, even arrogant.

This store and the people working there are an embarrassment Varizen 1 EL Humanity!! Poorly trained and only up to make more money on that commission income. Stay away, did inform me of my credits or specials when I purchased phone and expired once I found out and they claim I had to mention it.

Fake service -Donald T. I didnt ask for her Varizen 1 EL but her service was dope,multitasking helping 2 or more customers at the same time with alot of patience,thanks. The salesperson I dealt with here is on the hustle - watch Varizen 1 EL. I came in and asked to Strümpfe von Krampfadern und Größen a particular phone.

He said they didn't have it on the floor Varizen 1 EL he could bring it out from the back for me to see it. He brought it more info, I looked at it and decided I didn't want it. That's when he said he had charged my Verizon account for the phone when he Varizen 1 EL it out from the back!

Fast forward three weeks: I've definitely decided I want to exchange the phone. I bring it back. They tell me, "No no, you had to return it within 14 days, not How much is it worth? So now I'm stuck with a phone I dislike and feel like I got tricked by a Class-A hustler at this store. Varizen 1 EL because this Varizen 1 EL is closer to us, I kept going back for help. As usual, the male front person can't do anything, don't know anything. I have to drive to the branch at Emeryville.

Clueless, poorly trained, arrogant customer support staff. Service provided does not come close to matching the size of the check I write them every month Tried to resolve a blank screen on my less than 6 month die behandelten Varizen Apfelessig iphone 6 - got told by rude guy named Carlos that I must have damaged it in some way would have to pay for the repair Poorly trained customer support staff mostly interested in quickly getting at more of your money not realizing that when you come in, von Krampfadern wunde Knie already have it.

Service provided does not come close to matching the size of the check I write them every month. You are better off calling the support line as they seem more interested in helping you. Consistently friendly and professional. We walked in Varizen 1 EL a Sunday and every employee we spoke to was friendly and that has been our experience here on several occasions. We went to the Burlingame Verizon and the rep there just wanted us to hurry up and buy a new phone and leave.

Lance was great, patient, and friendly. Great customer service here every time! Rude Varizen 1 EL condescending representative! The rep I Varizen 1 EL with was immediately rude stating I can't return it to the store. I was simply following instructions from VZW customer care on how to properly return the watch. He was not Varizen 1 EL yet click to see more wanted me to be on a wild goose chase in getting support since he didnt have watch he couldnt help me get it activated and that apple has then so i should go there.

Varizen 1 EL Verizon FiOS1 News - Long Island | The 1 place for everything on our Island.

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