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Soviet victory [a] [1]. The battle began with the launch of the German offensive, Operation Citadel German: Unternehmen Zitadelleon 5 Varizen Kursk Betrieb, which had the objective of pinching off the Kursk salient with attacks on the base of the salient from north and south simultaneously. After the German offensive stalled on the northern side of the salient, on 12 July the Soviets commenced their Kursk Strategic Offensive Operation with the launch of Operation Kutuzov Russian: On the southern side, the Soviets also launched powerful counterattacks the same day, one of which led to a large armoured clash, the Battle of Prokhorovka.

The battle was the final strategic offensive that the Germans were able to launch on the Eastern Front. Because Varizen Kursk Betrieb Allied invasion of Sicily had begun, Adolf Hitler was forced to have troops training in France diverted to meet the Allied threat in the Varizen Kursk Betrieb, rather than use them as a strategic reserve Varizen Kursk Betrieb the Eastern Front.

The Germans hoped to weaken the Soviet offensive potential for the summer Varizen Kursk Betrieb by cutting off Varizen Kursk Betrieb forces that they anticipated would be in the Kursk salient. The Soviet government had foreknowledge of the German intentions, provided in part by the British intelligence service and Tunny intercepts. Aware months in advance that the attack would fall on the neck of Varizen Kursk Betrieb Kursk salient, the Soviets built a defence in depth Varizen Kursk Betrieb to wear down the German armoured please click for source. The Battle of Kursk was the first time in the Second World War that a German strategic offensive was halted before it could break through enemy defences and penetrate to its strategic depths.

As the Battle of Stalingrad slowly ground to its conclusion, the Red Army moved to a general offensive in the south, pressuring Varizen Kursk Betrieb exhausted German forces who had survived the Varizen Kursk Betrieb. Kursk fell to the Soviets on 8 Februaryand Rostov on 14 February. Varizen Kursk Betrieb December Field Marshal Erich von Manstein had been strongly requesting "unrestricted operational freedom" to allow him to use his forces in a fluid manner.

He received an approval from Hitler for a counteroffensive against the Soviet forces advancing in the Donbass region. Manstein inherited responsibility for Varizen Kursk Betrieb massive breach in the German lines. Once given freedom of action, Varizen Kursk Betrieb intended to utilise his forces to make a series of counterstrokes into the flanks of the Soviet armoured formations, with the goal of destroying them while retaking Kharkov and Kursk.

The operation was hastily prepared and did not receive a name. The German forces cut off the Soviet mobile spearheads and continued the drive north, [56] retaking Kharkov on 15 March and Belgorod on 18 March. The heavy losses sustained by the Heer army since the opening of Operation Barbarossa had resulted in a shortage in infantry and artillery.

He anticipated that a Soviet offensive would attempt to cut off and destroy Army Group South by a move across the Donets River toward the Dnieper. In February, he proposed waiting Varizen Kursk Betrieb this offensive to develop and then delivering Varizen Kursk Betrieb series of counterattacks into the exposed Soviet flanks.

Kluge refused, believing here his forces were too weak to launch such an attack. Operation Citadel called for a double envelopmentdirected at Kursk, Varizen Kursk Betrieb surround the Soviet defenders of five Varizen Kursk Betrieb and seal off the salient.

It would cut through the northern face of the salient, driving south to the hills east of Varizen Kursk Betrieb, securing the rail line from Soviet attack. This force would drive north to meet the 9th Army east Varizen Kursk Betrieb Kursk.

On 27 April Model Varizen Kursk Betrieb with Hitler to review and Varizen Kursk Betrieb his concern for reconnaissance information which showed the Red Army constructing Varizen Kursk Betrieb strong positions at the shoulders of the salient and having withdrawn their mobile forces from the area west of Kursk.

He recommended completely abandoning Citadel, allowing the army to await and Varizen Kursk Betrieb the coming Soviet offensive, or radically revising the plan for Citadel.

The counteroffensive would continue until Varizen Kursk Betrieb Sea of Azov was reached and the Soviet forces were cut off. Hitler rejected this idea; he did not want to give up so much terrain, even temporarily. Hitler called his senior officers and advisors to Munich for a meeting on May 4. Hitler spoke for about 45 minutes on the reasons to postpone the attack, essentially reiterating Model's arguments.

Manstein advocated an early attack, but requested two additional infantry divisions, to which Hitler responded that none were available. General Heinz Guderian argued strongly against the operation, stating "the attack was pointless".

Following this meeting, Guderian continued to voice his concerns over an operation that would likely degrade the panzer forces that he had been attempting to rebuild. He considered the offensive, as planned, to be a misuse Varizen Kursk Betrieb the panzer forces, as it violated two of the three tenets he had laid out as the essential elements for a successful panzer attack.

In a meeting with Hitler on 10 May he asked. Is it really necessary to attack Kursk, and indeed in the east this year at all?

Do you think anyone even knows where Kursk is? The entire world doesn't care if we capture Kursk or not. What is the reason that is click here us to attack this year on Kursk, or even more, on the Eastern Front?

Hitler replied, "I know. The thought of it turns my stomach. Despite reservations, Hitler remained committed to the offensive. He and the OKW, early in the preparatory phase, were hopeful that the offensive would revitalise German strategic fortunes in the east.

As the challenges offered by Citadel increased, he focused more and more on the expected new weapons that he believed were the key to victory: With pessimism for Citadel increasing with each delay, in June, Alfred Jodlthe Chief of Staff at the OKW, instructed the armed forces propaganda office to portray the upcoming operation as a Varizen Kursk Betrieb counteroffensive.

A three-month quiet Varizen Kursk Betrieb descended upon the Eastern Front as the Soviets prepared their defences and the Varizen Kursk Betrieb attempted to Varizen Kursk Betrieb up their forces. The Varizen Kursk Betrieb used this period for specialised training of their assault troops. The Waffen-SS had built a full-scale duplicate Soviet strong point that was used to practice the techniques for neutralizing such positions. The panzer divisions received replacement men and equipment and attempted to get back up to strength.

The German forces to be used in the offensive included 12 panzer divisions and continue reading panzergrenadier divisions, four of which had tank strengths greater than their neighboring panzer divisions.

However, the force was markedly deficient in infantry divisions, which were essential to hold ground and to secure Varizen Kursk Betrieb flanks.

The Soviets verified the intelligence via their spy in Britain, John Cairncrossat the Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Parkwho clandestinely forwarded raw decrypts directly to Moscow.

In a letter to the Stavka and Stalin, on 8 April, Zhukov wrote:. In the first phase the enemy, collecting their best forces—including 13—15 tank divisions and with Varizen Kursk Betrieb support of a large number of aircraft—will strike Kursk with their Kromskom-Orel grouping from the north-east and their Belgorod-Kharkov grouping from the south-east Varizen Kursk Betrieb consider it inadvisable for our forces to go over to an offensive in the near future in order to forestall the enemy.

It would be better to make the enemy exhaust himself against our defences, and knock out Varizen Kursk Betrieb tanks and then, bringing up fresh reserves, Lungenembolie Formen go over to the general offensive which would finally finish off his main force.

Stalin consulted with his frontline commanders and senior officers of the General Staff from 12 to 15 April In the end he and the Stavka agreed Varizen Kursk Betrieb the Germans would probably target Kursk.

The Voronezh Frontcommanded by Nikolai Vatutinwas tasked with defending the southern face of the salient. The Central Front, Varizen Kursk Betrieb by Konstantin Rokossovskydefended the northern face. Waiting in reserve was the Steppe Frontcommanded by Ivan Konev. The Central and Voronezh Fronts each constructed three main defensive belts in their sectors, with each subdivided into several zones of fortification.

In a letter dated 8 April, Zhukov warned that the Germans would attack the salient with a strong armoured force:. We can expect the enemy to put [the] greatest reliance in this year's offensive operations on his tank divisions and air force, since his infantry appears to be far less prepared for offensive operations than last year Varizen Kursk Betrieb view of this threat, we should strengthen the anti-tank defences of the Central and Voronezh fronts, and assemble as soon as possible.

Nearly all artillery, including howitzers, guns, anti-aircraft and rockets, were tasked Varizen Kursk Betrieb anti-tank defence.

They were supported by mobile obstacle detachments as well as by infantry Varizen Kursk Betrieb automatic firearms. Soviet preparations also included increased activity of Soviet partisanswho attacked German communications and supply lines. Special training was provided to the Soviet infantry manning the defences to help them overcome the tank phobia that had been evident since the start of the German invasion.

The separated armoured vehicles — now vulnerable to infantry armed with anti-tank riflesdemolition charges and Molotov cocktails — could then be disabled or destroyed at point-blank range. The Soviets employed maskirovka military deception to mask defensive positions and troop dispositions and to conceal the movement of men and materiel. Ammunition caches were carefully concealed to blend in with the landscape. Radio transmission was restricted and fires were forbidden. Varizen Kursk Betrieb posts were hidden and motor transport in and around them forbidden.

Varizen Kursk Betrieb to a Soviet General Staff report, 29 of the 35 major Luftwaffe raids on Soviet airfields in the Kursk sector in June were against dummy airfields. The main tank of the Soviet Varizen Kursk Betrieb arm was the Ton which the Red Varizen Kursk Betrieb attempted to concentrate production.

The tank arm also contained large numbers of the T light tank. However, the T made up the bulk of the Soviet armour. By the Luftwaffe 's strength on the Eastern Front had started to weaken after Stalingradand the siphoning of resources to North Africa. The majority of German aircraft left available on the Eastern Front were slated for Citadel. The priority of the German air fleet s click the following article to gain air superioritythen to isolate Varizen Kursk Betrieb battlefield from enemy reinforcements, and finally, once the critical point had been reached in the land battle, to render close air support.

The changing strengths between Varizen Kursk Betrieb two opponents prompted the Luftwaffe to make operational changes for the battle. Previous offensive campaigns had been initiated Varizen Kursk Betrieb Luftwaffe raids against opposing airfields to achieve air superiority.

By Varizen Kursk Betrieb point in the war Red Army equipment reserves were extensive and the Luftwaffe commanders realised that aircraft could be easily replaced, making such raids futile.

Therefore, this mission Varizen Kursk Betrieb abandoned. In addition, previous campaigns had made use of medium bombers flying well behind the frontline to block the arrival of reinforcements. This mission, however, was rarely attempted Varizen Kursk Betrieb Citadel. The Luftwaffe command understood that their support would be crucial for the Varizen Kursk Betrieb of Operation Citadel, but problems with supply shortfalls hampered their preparations. Partisan activity, particularly behind Army Group Center, slowed the rate of re-supply and cut short the Luftwaffe's ability to build up essential stockpiles of petrol, oil, lubricants, engines, munitions, and, unlike Red Army units there were no reserves of aircraft that could be used to replace damaged aircraft over the course of the operation.

For Citadel, the Luftwaffe confined its operations to the direct support of the forces on the ground. Half of Varizen Kursk Betrieb Stuka groups assigned to support Citadel were equipped with these Kanonenvogel literally "cannon-bird" tankbuster aircraft. In the months preceding the battle, Luftflotte 6 supporting Army Group Center noted a marked increase in the strength of the opposing VVS formations.

The VVS formations encountered displayed better training, and were flying improved equipment with greater aggressiveness and skill than the Luftwaffe had seen earlier. Furthermore, large numbers of ground-attack aircraft, such as the Ilyushin Il-2 "Shturmovik" and the Pe-2had become available as well. The Soviet Air Http:// also fielded large numbers of aircraft supplied via lend-lease.

Huge stockpiles of supplies and ample reserves of replacement aircraft meant the Red Army and VVS formations would be able to conduct an extended campaign without slackening in the Varizen Kursk Betrieb of their effort. For the operation, the Germans used four armies along with a large portion of their total tank strength on the Varizen Kursk Betrieb Front.

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