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Traumeel is sold as a homeopathic product for the relief of muscular pain, bruising and specially promoted click here sport injuries. Following a discussion on kloptdatwel. But what could be the reason that customers in the Netherlands are offered a different product?

So low that you can actually still find molecules of the Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment stuff in it. The controversy around homeopathy usually focuses on the ultra diluted products in which you can find no trace of the mother tincture Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment started with. And it can even be a mixture of such diluted products. Unfortunately, there Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment no well-designed, double-blind, peer reviewed, head-to-head trials that have established this.

An even more detailed review of Traumeel and other homeopathic or herbal arnica creams can be found on saveyourself. A few tests of Traumeel and similar products have been mildly encouraging, but mostly old and poor quality one. In all good quality, Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment scientific trials so far, they have faired no better than placebo. It is Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment that a benefit can still be proven, but it is not likely.

See, the international crowd gets more stuff in their tablets! But it depends on whether you believe anything about homeopathic theories on potencies, if you think this good Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment or that the Dutch stuff is just stronger. Since July 1 st of this year it is not longer permitted to promote a homeopathic product with an indication for the problems it is supposed to solve, if there is no solid scientific evidence presented for such a claim.

Moreover, in Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment law on medicinal Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment there is an article article 42 section 3 concerning homeopathic products and whether someone is allowed to market it as homeopathic medicine.

It roughly translates as follows:. The applicant [for marketing authorization] is not Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment to provide pre-clinical and clinical data in case the application concerns homeopathic products which satisfy the following conditions:. My guess is that the manufacturer, German company Heelstill likes to sell Traumeel as a homeopathic remedy in the Netherlands to many people that might sound as a recommendation, strangely enough. Finding the smallest dose of each subsitance used in regular medicine is a bit troublesome, so they went for the one part in 10, of the mother tincture option and dilluted the ingredients to at least potency D4 which is 1: Homeopaths will tell you that one Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment the main benefits of their trade is that there are no negative side effects of homeopathic remedies.

But they also make a lot of fuss about different effects of products in different potencies. Does Heel company think it works the same as Traumeel S? And what does that Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment for the idea of potentization? Or is it different? The reason why Traumeel is different in The Netherlands is Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment because of the legal issues.

Those stem from European regulations in and where Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment in The Netherlands in and again in The recent change I mentioned is not a change in the law, more an end to a period in which manufacturers of homeopathic products managed to stall strict implementation of the law by several court cases.

Heel told me that the missing ingredients were left out because there is no indication for their use in the Materia Medica and so the product could not be called homeopatic with those in the mixture, I guess and the change of potenziation also was demanded by the law.

Heel did not answer however,whether the product according to them is different in its effect, only that both versions are safe. Not for me, anyway. Hello, I am having trouble finding this product. My chiropractor no longer carries Traumeel S Can you be of assistance? For medical advice you should seek assistance of Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment professionals who practice evidence based medicine, not chiropractors.

I too have used the original formula of Traumeel S and X, and in my opinion there is nothing better for Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment spams, headaches, tmj, arthritis pain,and bruising from falls, etc. My entire family including my children, even when they were young and now my grandson.

I ordered a tube of the new formula and it is very different and does not work like the original. Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment are so right. The drops have been diluted now and the dosage instructions are still 10 drops each time. I use almost double that dose to get the same relief as before…. The manufacturer makes more money that way Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment we need twice as much. But it definitely still works! If this product was really effective it would be very interesting for the company to click to see more it as medicine.

Most likely because it is just a placebo effect, fine for you if it works for you that way. Stupid articles like this that end up getting things banned from the US that are basically harmless compared to big Pharma!

The fact that it actually worked without all the side effects of western medicine pain relief just scared Boig Pharmacy here. They go after natural Dessicated thyroid medicine all the time for the same reason…Traumeel X is the bomb. It is the only thing that worked for me and I have tried them all.

My stabbing pain Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment cervical stenosis always stopped within 30 minutes of using the ointment. Susan, Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment bought Traumeel recently on Amazon, from a European supplier. Are you saying that regardless of where you buy it from, the company has changed and the product is not the same as what it was? I purchased Traumeel — S. If a substance, starting with a mother tincture Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment example, is then prepared by sequential Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment and succussion, even just once or twice, that would be a Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment preparation.

This web page version sold in the Netherlands seems to use slightly Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment potencies than the other one. It may be to do with the Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment nature of the substances, perhaps according to Dutch law they have to be diluted more to render them safer?

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Just Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment using Traumeel ointment so no reveiw as yet but a very interesting read. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The Photography Tricks of Robbert van den Broeke. Traumeel S tablets as sold in the US and Canada. Traumeel H as sold in the Netherlands therapeutic indications are not Krampftherapie Tabletten Ointment allowed since July

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